Planning Board

The Planning Board consists of nine (9) regular members and two (2) alternates, all of whom are appointed and all of whom serve as volunteers without compensation. The Mayor is a member. All members are appointed by the Mayor except for the Council representative who is appointed by the Council.

The Board meets twice monthly. It has its public work session on the first Wednesday of the month and its public hearings on the last Thursday of the month. All of the Board's meetings start at 8:00 PM. and are open to the public. At the work sessions the Board reviews applications to determine if they are ready for public hearing. At the public hearing, the Board decides whether or not to approve the application. All Board decisions are done by majority vote. The fundamental role of the Planning Board is to oversee land use in the Borough. The policy function of the Board is to review the Borough's Master Plan, at least every six (6) years, making determinations as to the configuration and zoning requirements of the various zones (residential, commercial industrial) in town.

The Board also hears land use applications for subdivision; site plan and/or soil movement approval. Generally speaking, subdivision means the division of a lot into two or more lots. Site plan approval means the power to review a plan to develop land to make sure it complies with the ordinances of the town, including zoning ordinance and ordinances designed to assure that the site is properly engineered (drainage, buffers, lighting, setbacks, etc.) and is consistent with the Master Plan.

In appropriate cases the Board is empowered to grant variances or waivers from the ordinance requirements when it is convinced that the benefit of doing so has been sufficiently demonstrated.

Board Members and Contact Information

Paul Demarest - Planning Board Secretary

201-784-0600 ext 491

Board Members