Board of Health - Vital Statistics

The Board of Health of Closter, NJ is made up of seven regular members and two alternates. Board meetings are also attended by the health officer, the secretary/registrar/licensing official, and a council member who serves as the board's liason to the mayor and council. The board meets on the third Thursday of the month at Closter Borough Hall at 7:30 PM (except in July and August). 

The board is charged with advising the mayor and council on matters involving the public health, ensuring that regulations in this area receive the appropriate enforcement, and drafting legislation as needed on public health related issues. The board monitors the actions of the health officer, including the inspection and enforcement of regulations concerning retail food services, occupational health, environmental contamination, animal related health issues, and pest control. The board also oversees such activities as the health fair, animal licensing and vaccination. 

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