Internal Affairs Division

What is the function of the Internal Affairs Unit ?

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for receiving, processing, and supervising internal affairs investigations that involve allegations of criminal conduct and acts of misconduct made against members of the Closter Police Department. The Internal Affairs Unit ensures that allegations made against members of the Closter Police Department are thoroughly and objectively investigated to their logical conclusion. The Internal Affairs Unit maintains a comprehensive index of all complaints received against all members. This information is submitted to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office on an annual basis.

What does the Internal Affairs Unit do ?

The Internal Affairs Unit has the responsibility to investigate all allegations of misconduct by members of the Closter Police Department and to review and adjudicate all minor complaints which are handled by supervisors. In addition, the Internal Affairs Unit will review all firearms discharges by department personnel that are not related to training, all use of force incidents, all vehicular pursuits undertaken by department personnel and all collisions involving department vehicles.

To whom does the Internal Affairs Unit report ?

The Internal Affairs Unit reports directly to the Chief of Police.

How do I file a complaint against an Officer or Employee of the Police Department?

Complaints will be accepted in person, by telephone, via our COMPLAINT FORMS BELOW (available in 11 languages) or by letter or email. It is preferred that the complaint be made in person by the individual who is directly involved in the allegation against the Closter Police Department employee, so we can ascertain as much information as possible to effectively investigate the complaint. Those individuals who do not wish to make a complaint in person or over the telephone should complete the appropirate language Internal Affairs Complaint Form.

The completed form can then be submitted in any of the following ways: