Firearms Purchasing and ID Card Information


  • There is a substantial wait time due to the extreme amount of new applications that have been submitted.  

  • Do not call, or email  You will be contacted by an officer once your application begins to be processed and throughout the process.

  • Calling, emailing, or coming to hq will not speed up the process.    

  • Be patient!! 

  • It is your responsibility to research, complete, and provide all requirements for any aspect of firearms ownership or carry permits.    

Firearms Identification Cards Initial/Duplicate/Change of Address – Handgun Purchase Permits

Applications for Firearms Purchaser Identification Cards, and Pistol Purchase Permits access through the Firearms Application & Registration System (FARS).

*The NJ State FARS Website/Portal is  NOT  administered by the Closter Police Department*

Fingerprinting at Identogo

To apply with The Closter Police Department, you must use the following ORI Number: # NJ0020700.  

Once you have applied in the FARS system, and your application begins to be processed (first come first serve basis) you will be contacted by either Sgt. Justin Krapels or Lt. Michael Fehsal   by email with further instructions.   Do not call, email, or come to the PD to confirm if your application has been received, you will have received a confirmation email from the FARS system confirming submission.               

NJ Firearms Laws may be obtained at the following

Firearms Application and Registration System Application Procedures:

Step 1: Go to the following website

Step 2: Click on the following icon - Online S.T.S. 033 Form

Step 3: Enter the following - ORI Number NJ0020700

             Agency Name: Closter PD

Step 4: Check appropriate block(s)

  • Initial Firearms Purchaser Identification Card – (Allows you to purchase rifles/shotguns/handgun ammunition)

  • Permit to purchase a Handgun – (Please enter the number of handgun permits you want)

  • Lost or stolen Identification Card

  • Mutilated Identification Card

  • Change of Address on Identification Card

  • Change of Sex on Identification Card

  • Change of Name on Identification Card

You may check more than one box. We suggest if this is your first time applying and want to purchase a handgun check Initial Firearm Purchaser Identification Card and Permit to Purchase a Handgun. You will not be able to purchase ammunition in New Jersey without a Firearms Purchaser Card.

Step 5:  If you were fingerprinted in New Jersey before for a firearm answer Yes to the following question. If you have not been fingerprinted in New Jersey for a firearm answer No: proceed to Step 6.   Have you been fingerprinted for firearms in New Jersey before?

  • Yes

  • No

Then Enter the Firearms ID Card/SBI # located on your Firearms Purchaser Identification Card / E-FID.   If you cannot find your card or do not know what the number is we can attempt to locate the number for you.  N.J. FIREARMS ID CARD/SBI NUMBER ____________

Step 6:  Complete the online application. You may complete the application using a smartphone mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.

You will need the following information to complete this part:

  • Personal information including all former names and name aliases

  • Two references with their contact information-address, email, and phone

  • Employer information if employed

  • Past residential address history if you have resided outside New Jersey in the last 10 years

  • For change of name application, copy of supporting marriage license or court order (In any of these formats –PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and TIF

  • Alien registration number if not a U.S. Citizen

Step 7: If you have never been fingerprinted before for firearms purposes, you will need to go for fingerprinting with the Universal Fingerprint Form that will be generated after the successful submission of this form. However, if you have been fingerprinted before for firearm purposes, upon completion of this form and payment, you would have completed both S.T.S 033 and 212A requirements.  You will be receiving automated email updates throughout the process.  Please advise your references that the FARS system will email them the reference questions to be answered. Your reference can complete the questions using a smartphone, mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. Please advise them to complete the questions immediately to progress your background investigation.  The online application is applicant-driven. Please ensure that you have entered the best phone numbers for yourself and references as well as the best email addresses for yourself and your references.

Step 8: Once your application is complete, a station representative will contact you to retrieve your Firearms Identification Card (FID) and/or pistol permit documents.  At this point, you will have to bring a cashier’s check or money order made out to the Borough of Closter for the amount owed.

  • FID cards are $50.00

  • Pistol Permit Documents are $25.00.


CCARE Protocol

All individuals who completed firearms training prior to July 1, 2023, and whose permit to carry does not expire until after December 22, 2023, must requalify on the CCARE Protocol or the HQC2-modified protocol issued on July 21, 2023. An individual who completed a course of fire prior to the issuance of the CCARE Protocol is deemed to have satisfied N.J.S.A. 2C:58-4(g)(2) if and only if  the prior course included each of the following:

  • A minimum of 50 scored rounds per participant.

  • Minimum passage score of 80% using an FBI-type Q target.

  • At least 10 rounds must be from the 15, 10, 7, 5, and 3-yard lines each, or if fewer rounds were fired from those distances, the remaining rounds must have been fired from greater distances.

  • The participant must demonstrate safe holstering and unholstering during the shooting course, which must include safely drawing the weapon from a secured holster before firing at each of the required distances and reholstering after completing the round.

The participant must demonstrate proficient and safe reloading during the shooting course. No substantially similar courses completed after the CCARE Protocol is issued will be accepted. 

The application is completely digital Click Here!    *Please note: The new online CCW is similar to the FARS system. You will need to upload a photo, as well as copies of your qualification sheet. 

You must qualify before beginning the application

The Concealed Carry Permits service allows for online submission of both initial and renewal applications. Approved applications are due for renewal every two (2) years.  Concealed Carry Permit applicants need to have been fingerprinted for firearms purposes in New Jersey and assigned an SBI number before they can apply for a Concealed Carry Permit. If you have never been fingerprinted for firearms purposes in New Jersey before, start with an application for an Initial Firearms I.D.   You can find the Permit to Carry Safe Handling and Proficiency Certification and Use of Force Training document on the NJSP website.

Step 1: The New Jersey State Police Concealed Carry Permits

  • NJ has switched over to the more convenient online application form, this is the new digital way to complete an application for both NJ resident and out-of-state resident carry permits. Click  here  to open the application.

Step 2: Police ORI Number

  • When filling out the application, you will need to utilize the Closter Police Department’s ORI – NJ0020700.

  • Purpose

    • There will be three questions regarding application purpose, select the correct answer that pertains to you.

Step 3: Upload A Photograph

  • A passport-color photograph of applicant in civilian attire only without wearing a hat or sunglasses is required to be uploaded. Photographs must be passport style – 2 inches x 2 inches with a light background. Applications submitted with a photograph that does not meet the requirements may need to be withdrawn. Please note that there are no refunds for withdrawn applications.

  • Upload A Photo

    • Select the “Upload” button in the Concealed Carry System to upload your photo.

​​ Step 4: Training/SBI

  • New Jersey State Police Firearms Identification Card Safety & Awareness Interim Training

    • A PowerPoint presentation will appear. This is the State’s “mandatory” firearms training. All you have to do is click through the slideshow. 

  • New Jersey State Police Firearms Identification Card Safety & Awareness Interim Training

    • Prior to being permitted to carry a firearm, a person subject to this paragraph shall take and successfully complete a firearms training course administered by the Police Training Commission pursuant to P.L. 1961, c.56 (C.52:17B-66 et seq.), and shall annually qualify in the use of a handgun or similar weapon prior to being permitted to carry a firearm.

    • Please upload a signed copy of a Use of Force Training record indicating that you have received training in a handgun qualification course by a certified firearms instructor.

    • Follow the CCARE Protocol issued September 2023

  • SBI Number

    • In this box type your FID/SBI number.

Step 5: Personal Information

  • Fill out appropriately.

Step 6: Identification Information

  • Fill out appropriately

  • Handgun Information

    • Fill out the information of all firearms you intend to carry.

Step 7: Contact Information

  • Fill out appropriately.

Step 8: Background Information

  • Fill out appropriately.

Step 9: References

  • You will need the names and contact information of 4 references. References can NOT be related to you by blood or law. These references will receive an email survey on your behalf. Your application will not be processed until these references fill out their survey. Make sure their email addresses/names/contact information are correct before submitting.

Step 10: Review, Payment and Submit

Any application submitted through a local police department or municipality will be accompanied by one (1) money order in the amount of $50.00 payable to the New Jersey State Police as well as an additional $150.00 fee paid directly to the Borough of Closter.