Closter Police Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Closter Police Department is to protect and serve the citizens of the community.  Our mission statement defines our purpose and our commitment to the community.

In our effort to protect the citizens of the Borough of Closter, we shall vigorously work to prevent and detect crime.  We will enforce the laws of the State and the Ordinances of the Borough in an unbiased manner.   We will strive to maintain order in the community and to make the Borough of Closter a place where people live, work and visit without fear of crime.

We have a sincere commitment to serve our culturally, racially and religiously diverse community.  Accordingly, we shall strive to deliver our service with sensitivity, compassion and empathy.  We shall always work to do our best to improve the quality of life for the citizens of the Borough of Closter.

The members of the Closter Police Department recognize that the youth represent the future of the community.  We shall strive to serve as role models for our youth and work to develop a positive relationship with them based on trust and respect.  We will facilitate this relationship through interaction and participation in a variety of programs.

This organization, its members, strive for excellence and are bound by our values.  As members of this organization, we respect, trust and support each other.  We shall endeavor to develop the skills of our members through education and training and then use those skills to benefit the community, the organization and one another.  Individually we will work to supplement our professional skills through self education.

Our goal is to attract highly qualified individuals to our organization who share our mission and our values.  As individuals, we share the common values of human life, integrity, honesty, excellence, pride, teamwork and cooperation, accountability, problem solving skills and courage. As members of the Closter Police Department, we shall lead an exemplary lifestyle that characterizes our personal and professional values.

Closter Police Department Value Statement

Members of the Closter Police Department are committed to professionalism through:

SERVICE- by providing quality service and protection to all people in an efficient and competent manner, tempered with courtesy, compassion, and understanding.

INTEGRITY- to upholding the public trust through honest, consistent, and forthright interaction with all people in order to foster an atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation.

RESPECT- by treating all persons with dignity and respect by promoting equality and fairness, in upholding the Constitutional rights of all people.