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Tax Collections

(Fri Oct 18, 2019)

The Tax Collectors office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:00 pm (effective August 1, 2010), excluding legal holidays.

Maria Passafaro, CTC (Certified Tax Collector)



The Tax Collector is charged with the responsibility for receiving and collecting all property taxes and assessments both current and delinquent. The Office of the Tax Collector bills over 3,100 taxpayers and collects taxes quarterly.
Taxes are due: February 1 st , May 1 st , August 1 st and November 1 st .
Added Assessment Bills are mailed in October with payments due on or before November 1 st , February 1 st and May 1 st . Thereafter, the Added Assessment will be incorporated in the Annual Tax Bill.
Delinquent taxes accrue interest charges at a rate of 8% per annum on the first $1,500.00 and 18% on amounts in excess of $1,500.00 from payable date to date of payment received by Collector. A penalty of 6% will be charged on any tax delinquency exceeding $10,000.00 if not paid by the end of the calendar year.
Please note that according to New Jersey State Law, failure to receive a tax bill does not exempt a property owner from payment of taxes. Tax bills are mailed ANNUALLY, usually during the first 2 weeks of July. If you do not receive your tax bill by July 31 st , please contact our office. If you are mailing a check to pay your taxes, please be certain that you are paying the full amount for the correct quarter. If you would like to have your payment receipted, please send your entire tax bill with your check. Your bill will be receipted and mailed back to you. If you do not desire a receipt, please mail the correct payment stub along with your check. Please make checks payable to the Borough of Closter. The Borough of Closter does not accept postmark for tax payments.
For your convenience, there is a "Lockbox" located at the Lewis Street entrance vestibule to drop off payments during non-business hours only !!
Please visit the links below for more information on the following:
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