Borough of Closter

295 Old Closter Dock Road    ♦     Closter, New Jersey 07624    ♦    201-784-0600


Zoning Board of Adjustment

(Sun Sep 29, 2019)

The Closter Zoning Board consists of seven regular members and four alternate members, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council. The members serve without compensation and are residents of the Borough. The Board meets twice monthly, on the third and fourth Wednesdays of each month. The Board hires its own attorney and support staff, within the budget limitations established by the Mayor and Council.

The Zoning Board is charged with statutory responsibility to hear and decide appeals of decisions by the Zoning Officer, to interpret the Zoning Ordinance for aggrieved citizens, and to grant variances from the use and dimensional restrictions of the Zoning Ordinance. Its discretionary role in granting variances is subject to strict criteria established by State law (the "Municipal Land Use Law") and its decisions are appealable to the Superior Court of New Jersey.

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