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Shade Tree Commission – Municipal Tree Pruning Program

(Thu Jan 23, 2020)

Shade Tree Commission – Municipal Tree Pruning

As a service to the community, the Shade Tree commission works to maintain the town’s streetscape by trimming and pruning shade trees along the street. Voting District Five is the geographical area that will be pruned this winter. It is anticipated (weather permitting) the work will be completed before mid-February.

For purposes of this work, a shade tree is defined as any portion of a street tree within 15’ of the curb line. The scope of work will include crown raising, trimming lower branches that block sidewalks or the ability of all vehicles and trucks to approach a curb line, follow Class III Pruning (Hazard Pruning Standards), and cut branches that block street lighting or signage.

The proactive work of the Shade Tree Commission has established a beautiful streetscape within our community, which in turn, adds to the values of our properties.